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Name Date Crossed the Bar RBA Member Lest we for get an oppo
ANDERSON George 19 March 2012
George Anderson
Name Memories
David Addis
I do not remember George but from my look at the records we hold George transfered to the Reg Branch in 1964 and was a member of LPM(Q) 38 course which was the same year I transferred. I do hope that there will be others who have memories of George that can be included in this page, I will be only to pleased to receive them.
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Eddie Widnall
I knew George from serving with him in Malta in 66- 67, George was a Yorkshire man from Whitby he lived just up the road from me and Bill Smart, in fact he was the one who found my flat.
He was a barrel of a man, same height which ever way you laid him but fearless on the beat and intimidated by on one, regardless of rank. He loved and played cricket and was the demon fast bowler for the Malta Combined Services cricket team. In fact he was the same shape as Freddie Truman, his hero.
His other hobby was budgies, but I don't think he kept any in Malta

Thomas Crawford A few words about George, with whom I worked with on occasions, one incident which comes to mind on patrol down Union Street one night we had a bundle of fun with quite a number of Para's. On some future patrols he kept stopping and looking up to the sky, eventually he was asked why to which he replied I'm making sure those (???????) Para's don’t attack from above. In his spare time he worked as a waiter/bouncer in a Chinese restaurant next door to the Paramount ( aka the naval school of dancing) For some unknown reason a complaint was made against him.  Being sent for by the Provost he was given the option of being a LPM or a waiter, it was a close run thing!!!












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