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BRENNAN Barry 27 January 2015
Barry Brennan
Name Memories
David Addis
I remember Barry I think when he was the in the Patrol HQ in Pitt Street Portsmouth, he always came across as a nice man, it was apparant that he was a very proffesional man.
Ted Durrant I first met Barry in 1961 when I was drafted to RNPHQ Flathouse Road as a new Leading Patrolman. Barry was a Watch RPO and it was here that I recognised his truly professional approach to the job. He was invariably, immaculately turned out and demonstrated a care for those under his control. All these qualities and more, remained with him throughout his Naval career to Master at Arms and subsequently in the same rank with the Cunard Line on board RMS Queen Elizabeth 2.
Barry was my Patrol Master at Arms in Malta in 1976 where again, he adeptly managed the Unit which was part-manned by Royal Marines Police.  Thanks again to him, there was a thriving Mess with frequent social activities including banyans to the Blue Lagoon on Comino with “guess who” as the coxswain of the Torpedo Range Boat!  It was also in Malta that I met Barry’s lovely family – wife Elizabeth, son Charles and daughter Isobel (who sadly predeceased him); Isobel was later to become a valued baby sitter for me and my wife when we moved back to Portsmouth and Elizabeth introduced us to her famous curries!
Our paths crossed again when I was NPM Gibraltar; when the QE2 docked there for a few hours, Barry (ever the gentleman) would invite us and family friends onboard for a private tour of the ship.
Those of us who remain from Barry’s era, will also remember what a great sportsman he was, excelling in running, squash and numerous other activities. I foolishly agreed to have a game of squash with him in Malta but after just a few minutes, a Nursing Sister watching from the gallery, suggested that I abandon my challenge as she was so worried about my unhealthy condition. Suffice to say I gladly accepted her advice!
I am proud and indeed  very lucky to have known Barry, both as a friend and fellow sailor. He will be greatly missed by us all.

Bob Dominick I remember Barry well from the 60's and 70's what a nice man
Lew Jack

What a shock! Barry was my Jaunty on Blake for our USA deployment in 1979. What a great boss. Gone but never forgotten. I must seek out a photo of him when he accompanied us me, Pete Thompson, Roy Munday & Bill ? to Disney World, Florida. Barry was in his element that day and I can't remember having a more enjoyable day.












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