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CASTLE Nick November 07 No


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David Addis

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Bob Bloomfield

Nick Castle was my MAA on-board Albion between 1964 and 1967 along with RPO Don Maiden, LPMs John Skinner and Jan Newman. He lived round the corner from me in Portchester. A quiet man but immensely loyal. When I was Duty RPO in Singapore he would not go ashore but insisted that he stayed on-board the first night in. I remember once when he went ashore in Aden and was nearly killed by a grenade which flew through his taxi. His mess man was the only 3 badge AB on-board who would always go ashore in Uniform so he could get lashed up and get free drinks. What a character. Nick always remembered me and would say hello at the local market. I don't believe he had any children and his wife has now moved away.A lovely man who insisted we all have a neat tot.