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10th Oct 2013



Jim Cunningham

Memories of Jim Cunningham


David Addis

My memories of Jim go back to when we were in the Reg School on the North foreshore of Whale Island, he was at the time a MAA awaiting his SD Course,

At the time there was a wish that the School moved out of its 1940's war time huts, we were told that the new school would be in De Jersey Building, which was at the time the Amours School.
Jim was given a clipboard and a measuring tape, he provided the graph paper, and off he went with a brief design an internal set up that would allow the branch to have the best teaching facilities it had ever had.
The result of Jims' hard work, and the ability to persuade the OCRS and Training Officer that his drawings and measurements provide us with classrooms that instructors would be comfortable with, an environment that students would find it agreeable to lean in.

So off the school went to the South foreshore of Whale Island. The result of Jims' efforts and management many of you will have benefitted from, I know I did having been an Instructor twice and Assistant Training Officer,

So it is pleasing that his legacy will in the memories of many of us for a many a year.

Thanks Jim, I will always remember you as a nice bloke. RIP



David Lodrick


I will always remember Jim Cunningham as the consummate professional who attained the heights in our branch without ever losing sight of his roots.  

I will never forget his myriad kindnesses and courtesies to me. In the mid 1970s, I was an acting RPO reluctantly drafted in as an instructor at the Regulating School (ex Armourers’ building I believe). During this time, he always lent me support, encouragement and engendered confidence in my efforts to achieve the aim.  All this despite a full diary as he was busy preparing to enter Dartmouth.  

Jim lived a life full of pride, joy and happiness.  All who knew Jim appreciated his work ethic, generosity and selflessness. He demonstrated these traits throughout his naval and subsequent civilian careers.  Whatever Jim was involved in, he never cut corners, he didn’t stand fools gladly,  he was fair and firm and had the welfare of his team in sharp focus. He always found ways to make things work or happen and I am proud to say that he was a friend who influenced my naval career. 

Jim is now a memory but that memory is our treasure.  

Rest in Peace Jim – you were a gift in our lives!

Bob Bloomfield

Jim was a Leading Reg with me at London Patrol in about 1967. He had a mini which he was very proud of. I couldn't afford a car so three of us purchased a car between us, I believe a Singer Gazelle which Jim was envious of.
Jim had a lovely sense of humour. He once drove the patrol wagon (a Bedford CF) out of the unit but didn't leave time for the electric garage door to go up. This led to a patrol wagon without a sign.
Later in 1975 we were on the SD course together at the school. Jim was a regular attendee at the Annual Dinner and he loved his dinners.
Rest in peace Jim you enjoyed a fruitful and happy life with many friends.


Tony Pegg
My memories of Jim were as him being the NPM London I served under him as a Leading Regulator  in the Eighties, he was a good boss and a pleasure to work for.
One memory that will always stick is the day he told me to get my cap and wondering what the hell I had done, it was not until I had driven him to Furse House that he told me we were going to see the Commander as I was being promoted to RPO, he made me sweat but we had a laugh about it on the way back to the HQ and on arrival he jokingly told me I was out of the rig of the day for an RPO.

He was a lovely man and a great :Boss:

Rest in Peace Jim, may god keep and bless you,my condolences to his family.

Ted Durrent

“The strong presence of mourners from all walks of life at Jim’s funeral service was the clearest indication possible of the warmth and affection in which he was held by everyone. A true gentleman in all respects.  Jim was my Training Officer at RNRS and as OCRS I was assured that recruits to the Regulating Branch could not have had a better start to their new naval careers than under the expert and caring guidance of Jim.  A fellow naval officer who will be greatly missed by all.”

Rest in Peace Jim and condolences to his family


Eddie Widnall

I served with Jim on a number of occasions whilst in the Regulating Branch and formed a close friendship which continued when we both retired from the service. I was honoured to give an eulogy at the funeral service. Please select the link below to read you will read my memories of Jim.
It was a fitting service for this man and attended by many of those who served wih Jim during his time in the Regulating Branch

Eulogy to Jim Cunningham by Eddie Widnall