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Lee Distin
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David Addis


Lee died on active service.
I do not think I knew Lee very well other than I might have met him whilst I served at FOST, but am sure that his name has come up in the Guest Book or Forum, so if you knew Lee and have memories of him please email
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Lottie Brayshaw

He was a grand lad.
I always remember him knocking his plastic ear of and into someones pint


Michael Brown

I agree Lottie, a fantastic chap, but my memories of his ear, was that he would deliberately take it off and put it in his pint to stop others from drinking it, or into yours to wind you up.
A big loss from a little fellow


Blood Reidy
A couple of memories regarding the late Lee Distin....the first being whilst he was at HMS Osprey, and was out on the lash in Weymouth with the lads, he went into a jewellers and asked how much it was to pierce ears, the jeweller told him the cost so Lee pulled his ear off and put it on the counter and told the jeweller to pierce it and he would be back later to collect it

The second was allegedly when he was at the school doing the Dojo part of his Q course, and the PTI instructing grabbed his ear and it came off.....apparently the PTI nearly went into shock......maybe there is someone out there who can back that up....however knowing Lee it was probably spot on
A terrible loss for someone so young




Nigel Downland



I joined up with Lee and when we were in Mercury training to be ROs, he would often stick the ear to the middle of his forehead and carry on talking to you as if all was normal, but my lasting memory was our final kit muster prior to passing out when the inspecting officer saw Lee’s kit beautifully laid out on his bed, picture perfect except for the wooden box in the middle of it.  When asked to open it, he did and K1 was presented with three false ears, one gold, one red and one blue.  He was clearly astounded and demanded Lee explain what this was all about to which Lee, with his deadpan face said quite matter of factly “Well Sir, it’s my number one, number two and number eight ear.  K1’s face was a picture, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.




Ian Edgerton



Such a nice bloke. When I lived in Plymouth in Leigham he was a neighbour of mine before he joined and we kept in touch as best we could. He exploits with his ear are all true I have to say. When he crossed the bar I think the ship was on a visit in south America when the sad news came through. His funeral at HMS Drake was well attended and as is always the case you get to meet so many ex oppos through someones sad demise. thank goodness for reunions and sites like this to keep in touch.



Kevin Glover
Lee was a great lad always ready for a laugh the dits are all no doubt true regarding his false ear.One time having been given a hard time in the Reg Office in HMS Drake by his RPO LREG Distin ripped off his ear and told the RPO that not only had he bled his ear but he had made it fall off! 
I always enjoyed his company.












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