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Name Date Crossed the Bar RBA Member
Frank Dobson
22 April 07
Name Memories
George Murray (Paddy)
Served with dear old Frank in RNPHQ London in the 1970. Always remember him as happy go lucky guy, great fun and an absolute character. Renowned for such phrases as "Damn your dart arm, Sir Percy" "Have at thee varlet, I wanna joist with thoust" Always the life and soul at any party and was friends with everyone. Farewell dear friend, Rest in Peace.
Jim Peggie
I was on the next desk to Frank in the MACCO in Cochrane and when anyone joined to go outside Frank would check their S52B to see if they had any warrants left, if so he would fill out a request for a warrant with their details to his train station and get them to sign it. The patrol used to run all  the  warrants down to Inverkeithing  station for changing for us  anyway  so Frank got a nice nameless ticket back for his weekend. He’d then submit a C28 for himself on a separation warrant for next week’s beer money and just to be really cheeky he’d phone his wife and tell her to send some money so he could come home that weekend………………What a character.  

When Prince William was born and we had splicers all reg staff to report to the patrol HQ bar at lunchtime for the tot which was  laid out on a table, soon as Frank went through the door he grabbed one and threw it over his neck. Someone then came round handing out the  tots and Frank got another which he downed, the Mess Pres I think it was Ray Foreman calls silence and asks if everyone’s got a tot.    Dobson. .”No I haven’t got one” so Frank gets number three. Ray starts his little speech and asks all assembled to raise their glasses to toast William and yep you guessed it.  Dobson   ”hang on I haven’t got my tot yet” so Ray calls him for’d to get another one, now number four. After the toast I believe there was about four spare “ queens”  left so Frank got yet another, good job it was a Friday and Frank was on top of his work. Never a dull moment with Frank.
  Jim Peggie ex RPO   Northern mostly.












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