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12th Jan 2012
Pat Doubleday
Name Memories
David Addis
Pat had been a member of the Regulating Branch since 1952 retiring in 1968 so he was a senior member of the branch within the Association. An active member of the Committee and was able to use his experiance and knowledge to the benifit of the membership. A chap I will miss at the Committee Meetings
David Lodrick I am so very sorry to learn of the passing of dear Pat – he will be sadly missed. He was a leading light who faithfully served on the RBA committee during my 5 year incumbency as Chairman and indeed for some years before that. He was a true gentle man from whom sage advice was always forthcoming and I always felt that he was blessed with a deep consciousness for everything he took on; his family, his life; his friendships and of course his long and distinguished involvement with our Association which owes him a great debt of gratitude for its myriad successes and achievements since its inception. He always followed his deep inner drive to always to do the right thing even when perhaps uncomfortable for him and this is reflected in his long and eminent naval career. God Bless you Pat – your memory is our treasure.
Phil LeHoux
Pat was my Jaunty in Bellerophon, 1966/67. He went sick on the day of Captains rounds. As senior RPO, I had to lead the rounds do Commanders tables etc.
We arrived, HMS Belfast, (in Reserves ships) on the forecastle, I threw the clips off the door, to lead them into the wardroom.
Whoops, the door was the forecastle paint locker !!












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