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Name Date Crossed the Bar RBA Member Lest we for get an oppo
EDGAR David 24th March 2015
Darby Allon
Name Memories
David Addis
I served with David, when he was an Instructor in the Regulating School, being the Assistant Training Officer I was well aware of the deapth of knowledge he possed and the standard of presentation and contents of examination papers showed that his students all gain from him and knowledge . As a member of the Association I always enjoyed his company, he was the first face we saw on the Friday in the lounge of the Keppels Head, and his big smile was always there to greet us.
I will remember the time when he was the Rum Bosun at Tot Time in the Keppel's Head Lounge, he managed to have copious amount of queens at the end, much to the pleasure of us all.
David was a supporter of the Association forum, his many contributions to the Rum Tub, (Jokes and Humour) kept a smile on our faces.
I will miss this good oppo very much, the world is a duller place without him.

Michael Brown It is with sadness that I receive this news, our Association will be the lighter because of his parting. Reunions will never seem the same. May he rest in peace and enjoy the company as he crosses the bar

Tony Davey It is with Great Sadness to hear of Daves passing
Whilst we never served together we both did our Leading Regulator(Q) course at the same time we continued to maintain contact over the years

Paul Goulding I first met Dave on Leading Regulators course in 1971 and our paths have crossed on numerous occasions. The last time I saw him was in October and I spent a very pleasant day with him and his family. He was a very good friend and will be remembered.

David Vidler He will always remain in my fondest memories. To me he is best described as" a champion of men" May he rest in peace.
Colin Gent David rest in peace my friend. You will be very much missed by many for sure.

Many will know that David and I were Instructors at the Regulating School together in the late 70's. We both lived in and without doubt had some terrific times, which we often recanted on at Reunions, bringing back many memories of happy times. It was also thought that you had to be called David to be the Jaunty of HMS Bristol (Lodrick, Edgar,Dyer then along came a Colin). Times and friendship I will never forget.
Moria Fisher He was an amazing man who helped me and so many others believe in striving for the best. I learned so much from him when I was a student at the Reg School - he will be sorely missed by all regulators who were lucky to have known him. RIP Dave - and a safe anchorage ahead.
Reg Lydiatt So very sorry to hear the very sad news. Dave was a wonderful chap with a terrific sense of humour and will be missed by so many people. I have a lot of fun and happy memories of Dave when we served together. I first new Dave when we served together in HMS Terror in Singapore when we were both still in the seaman branch. We both served a time with the RNPU in the naval base and it was the likes of Doug Oakey etc who convinced us that our future in the RN was in the Reg branch. I changed branches in Aug 71 on my return to UK. I then served with Dave when we were both coxswains of patrol boats running out of HMS Tamar in Hong Kong in 78. (Yes another married accompanied) We both played football on a Sunday morning for the senior rates, Dave as our goalie. The highlight of our football season was playing in the HK national stadium, under floodlights, together with a huge electronic scoreboard with maybe just our wives as spectators. I don't think we won many games but we really enjoyed the social life after the games. Dave was there for everyone and helped me through my 'dark days' after my heart attacks. I will never forget Dave and will miss his jokes that he kept sending me by e-mail. Rest in peace Dave, you deserve it.
God Bless Mate. Reg
David Tindale Another good man gone to the Regulating Office in the sky. RIP Dave.
Bob Shirley I never knew him so, other than chatting with him at the ReunIon Tot Time, cannot tell any dits about him but from comments made, he seems to have been a good 'egg'. Very sad to hear that another one of the old stalwarts have gone to the other side, wonder what's over there?. Maybe it will be a carbon copy of the old two hutted Reg school complete with miniature parade ground, wonderful eh!, what a smashing place to spend eternity
Fez Weatherstone A sad time for for veterans of The Branch and will be missed at reunions , I served with David for about 2 years on the old Ark ,had many great runs ashore with him and many a good laugh , I feel honoured that , that particular photo was chosen to remember him on the forum, and like Reg I will miss his emailed funnies,See you mate save me a seat at the bar.Fez

Our thoughts and condolences go out to Mary and Family at this sad time.
I read somewhere that you can cry because he’s gone or smile because he has lived. I choose the latter. David was a larger than life character whom it was impossible to ignore or dislike. I knew him to be a highly professional man, a man endowed with an infectious sense of humour and a man who did not tolerate fools gladly. He was not perfect but none of us are. David led a successful and productive life both during and after leaving the Royal Navy; he accomplished things that made an impact on most everyone around him. I felt strongly that if anyone could beat the brutal cancer it would be David – because of his indomitable character. He may not have beaten the disease in the sense that most of us see it, but beat it he did! He did not let his illness change him in any other way than to let it make him a better person. He did not allow the cruel cancer to scar him in any way, shape or form. I believe the illness gave him a new perspective and gratitude for life. Certainly, in my many recent in depth conversations with him in his home, the hospital and telephone, he gave me the impression that he wanted to leave a positive mark in this world. Further, that he was making a difference in that he allowed his journey with cancer to let his true self shine out as an example to others. His effervescent personality and indefatigable sense of humour glowed bright even in the face of adversity. I will always remember David for his genuine warmth and generosity, his commitment to family and friends and his unflagging optimism. He certainly set an example of courage which I would like to think inspired everyone who knew him. David had a multitude of friends; I am exceedingly proud to be one of them.
Your duty is done David - Rest in Peace dear boy – your memory is our treasure!

David S C Lodrick MBE
Hon Life Vice President
Regulating Branch and RN Police Association
John Levey Ray was a lovely man once you got to know him. I had the privilege of meeting him whilst serving at London Provost. He will be sorely missed
Mark Cummins I just heard the sad news, served with Dave on HMS Bristol, best joss man that ever trooped me, quite a few times, best memory was commanders table in the morning for underage drinking, received 7 days nines, evening punishment from Dave was to be barman at chief mess social and he bought the beer !!!
Was always a gentleman RIP
At the time Mark was a WEMO 1981-82 with Dave ended up CPOWEA(WD) before retiring.












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