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GUMBLETON John 21 Dec 1989


Darby Allon

Memories of John Gumbleton


David Addis

I have memories of John and his twin brother Merve from Drake and I think one of them Raleigh when they were RPO's, they were peas from the same pod, it was difficult to know as a young Leading Patrolman which one was which. I hope that soem more of you will ahve some memories of John and will send them to be added.
Lou Cox


John passed the bar 21 December 1989. He had just had a knee reconstruction so as to better referee/umpire and over the December caught a particularly bad flu, he progressively had a great deal of difficulty breathing and unfortunately didn’t last the night. I miss his ‘gentle’ remonstrations!
One great story was when John served on the Ark, Merv would visit and he and his brother would split up and when one of them had remonstrated with some poor unfortunate,
he'd still be whinging and cursing when he bumped into the other one!! Double dose...


Bill Jarvis
One of the Gambletons were the Discipline RPO in Raleigh and at the same time the other was Discipline RPO in Fisgard (I can’t remember who was where). If a visitor from one establishment or the other was picked up for anything the Discipline RPO would order them to report to the Discipline RPO in their own establishment at the double. (For those who may not know, Raleigh and Fisgard were on opposite sides of the same road in Torpoint) The miscreant would double back to the other Reg Office and be amazed to find that the RPO had arrived before him as if by magic. In 1986 I was the MAA on the main gate in Drake and John was employed in the barracks as a civilian, having been retired for a few years. Every morning he would draw his keys with a cheery “Morning Master” and I would reply with “Morning Sir”. Old habits are hard to break.