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Nobby Hall
Memories of Nobby Hall

David Addis

I have fond memories of Nobby, we were both members of the Association Committee, Nobby had been a member of the Association since its conception in 1993, also joining the Committee at an early stage. He managed the Slops as his last contribution to the well being of the Association. I will miss Nobby greatly, he was a good man and a true friend.

David Edgar


Nobby and I had great fun on Jaunties Course way back.


Michael Brown


Nobby was a lovely chap with a great sense of humour, he made committee meetings interesting.


Colin Gent
Nobby has been a friend,colleague and fellow Regulator since he first took me under his wing at Portsmouth Provost HQ in 1973. A gentle man with great strength of character you could not more wish to be with, he certainly showed me how to deal with incidents on the streets of Pompey in an effective and controlled way.

He was also committed to the Association and has served it diligently since its inception and he will be missed greatly at our Committee meetings and Reunions.

Jacqueline and Tom Rees

Tom has many fond memories of serving with Nobby at RNPHQ Portsmouth and in later years with the RBA. He will be sadly missed by all that knew him

Bob Hookway


Nobby and I were at Collingwood together back at the end of 76/77, if I remember correctly he worked in the main office while I was Discipline RPO
RIP to a very good friend.


Robert Dominic


Very sad to learn of Nobby's passing, may he rest in peace. We served together on three different occassions during the 60's and he never seemed to age



George Mullin


We go back to 72 when I was on assessment at Pitt St where he mentored me for a couple of months and later in 75 when I was new out of the box, we were in 'B' watch together in Nelson.
Nobby was a smashing chap.

I will drink a tot in his memory. 


Mike Cleave

I Served on the Patrol HQ Portsmouth as a LPM(Q) throughout my training period, frequently privileged with being allocated Nobby as my Mentor on most of the footbeats during the very early 60's. 

He was a wise teacher and I learnt so much from him and my very much missed friend "Joe Pettinger" on all good aspects of Policing.  I met Nobby only once more at Collingwood where he was Main Reg Office and I was in charge of Radio School 1975 - 77.

The notification of his passing, very much saddened me, bringing home the harsh fact that "Our Era" is becoming rapidly depleted!  My consolation evolves around the fact that on two occasions I had the pleasure and privilege of serving with a superb Regulator who knew his job inside out, and retained his gentleness, sense of fairness and humour. 

In short, he will be missed by so many of us, but always remembered.    Another JEWEL in the Regulating Branch CROWN lost!  God Bless you Nobby and may you now be resting in peace.  Mike "Jan" Cleave.