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14 July 2012



Brian Hodgson


Memories of Brian Hodgson


John Buchanan

It is unbelievable that Brian has crossed the bar. He was just a fabulous man in every respect. He was my WO (MAA) in Sultan, I think about 93-94 or thereabouts. Exceptional, professional,and a very good friend. I have spoken to his widow, Mariee-Ann and have written to her. I cannot even experience the hurt she and her family are going through, but I know that I am totally gutted. Just 56 years old. It's just not fair. My love and regards to the family. My total respect to a man who was one of the best. RIP Brian. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. John Buchanan


Colin Gent


It is a complete shock to read that Brian Hodgson crossed the bar in July of this year.

Brian was a dedicated and professional Regulator in every respect. I had the privilage of him being one of my Leading Regulators in London and also as my RPO onboard HMS Bristol. A truly good man in every respect.

It is so sad that we lose contact with people when we leave the service and thats why the association and this website are so important.

Albeit late, I will drink a toast in his honour and remember him with deep affection.



Lou Cox


Brian was a professional, calming influence and possessed of a wickedly dry sense of humour. When chasing a violent absconder (which found me on the roof of some buildings in Fulham High Street), Brian remained calm, with feet on the floor. An interested bystander asked if he was a deserter (this was during the Falklands) and Brian turned, looked the guy up and down and said "No, we're drafting people into the military and he didn't want to go" Exit stage left for interested bystander!
He'll be missed by all who knew him




Lottie Brayshaw





So sad to hear this.
As already said Brian was a very pleasant guy with a strange sense of humour

RIP Brian


Moizee Fisher


Another good man taken away so soon - happy memories of knowing him briefly when I had reason to attend the Reg School of knowledge! I believe we were on one of the courses together - but the photograph is not at hand



Charlene Murch


I am the daughter of Brian Hodgson and I have been reading all the thoughtful messages that have been left on this page.

I would be grateful, if possible, if you could post the following message on the family's behalf please;

Myself, my sisters and my mum would like to thank you for such lovely messages in memory of our Brian Hodgson.

Dad was dedicated to his family just as much as he was dedicated to the Navy and he kept them very much separate. It is just a shame that dad really didn't have much time to enjoy any retirement when he was sadly taken from us so quickly.

We miss him terribly and there is a huge void in our lives, but to know that he has touched so many other people's lives is of some comfort.

So thank you for taking the time to write on this page, his family is so very proud of him.

Many thanks



Bob Shirley


Another good man gone by the look of things. I do not know where the idea that time spent in the Reg branch would be divvied up and added to your life span came from but I believed it all. What a mug eh?!.

It certainly didn't happen in this case and in many others either, no age to be taken and it is really sad to hear it.

I am wondering if I ever met him, I know that most of you know me but I have very little experience of those on the forum with the odd exception. I put that down to the fact that bad reputations travel futher than good ones.

If Brian's first draft was Londonderry under Jock Cordon, then I have, although I cannot remember where or when or why. It was a short meet and I remember that he was a stocky man with dark hair and with, as has already been pointed out, a wicked sense of humour. It might have been him and I hope someone out there will confirm this.

Anyway Brian, safe anchorage old son, you should be victualled in OK, RIP shipmate



Tony Pegg

I am saddened to hear the passing of brian we were Leading Regs together, he was a exceptionally nice man, you have gone too soon, rest in peace.