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29 July 2014



Darby Allon

Memories of Bill Jeckells


Derek Lawrence

Bill died at NANAIMO General Hospital VICTORIA BC Canada on 29 July. He had suffered for quite sometime from painful stomach cancer.

I served at RNAS Culdrose with Bill when he was a fairly Senior RPO and I was an Acting Local RPO. I learned a lot from Bill and it was good fun working with him as he had a terrific sense of humour which permeated throughout the MRO (for runner of the UPO).

He was a very strong swimmer and played loads of Water Polo at all different levels.
He spent the last few years of his career on extended service as a Divisional CPO at BRNC Dartmouth. He loved the job and the Command relished his experience and input into the lives of the Young Officers'.

Tony Hadley

I was on board Hermes with Bill.
The Master at Arms was Jim Reynolds at the time.
We were on a visit to Hamburg I was detailed off to go ashore and arrange the Shore Patrols. I
Invited the police on board, later we went ashore with them,had a great time. They. took us back about 0300, Bill & I had exchanged caps with the cops. Jim  Reynolds was at the top of the gang way and observed us returning onboard.. The next morning,Bill and I were in the Reg Office, Jim came into the office, locked the door, and read the riot act. He said to Bill & me, if he went ashore, duty or not, one of use had to stay on board .

Peter Cortaux, Des Marchant , and Taff Picton,went ashore, got drinking with locals, Peter C, said, you are 3 times lossers, 2 world wars and world cups, he paid the price to these remaks and ended up with the biggest shiner (black eye), being a good egg and oppo I lent him a pair to sunglasses.

Bill was a good ship mate.

Mike Cleave

Like Derek Lawrence,  I too, served at Seahawk, RNAS Culdrose in the MRO with Bill.
At the time I was a LPM. 
Other staff were Percy Clark, George Green, Wilf Pickard,  , Derek Hawes,  MAA 's Nurse, and others.

Bill was the calm and steady hand at the helm of the staff in the MRO.  I particularly remember him to be an excellent Regulator, executing his work with good humour and courtesy.  His example was one that I and other staff respected and admired, and all of us took many leaves  from his book and example.  I still have his signed copy ....3rd Commissioning book 1966 to 1968 which he sent to me with his good wishes, and which I have always treasured.

A Great  man, a good friend, and a sad loss to the Branch from our Era.