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LYNES Bob (Ben)

14 Oct 2011



Bob (Ben) Lynes

Memories of Bob (Ben) Lynes


David Addis

It is with sadness that I heard of Bob crossing the bar, we only served together on Leading Patrolman (34) course in 1964 I always felt that he was a friend after we classed up. As with othesr who changed over during the early part of 1964 unlike the rest of the course Ben joined Whale Island and the School early and for his sins he was nominated as the chap who was responsible for looking after the Reg School Mascot, Teresa the Goat, I still remember him trying so hard to get the goats hair out of his number ones, having lead the Reg School march past on Friday Divisions, and the impossible task of spit and polishing his boots after the goat had decided to relieving herself all over them.
There is a picture of Bob with the Teresa and a story of how she came to the school in The RN Police and Reg Branch Museum, have a look next time you visit.
Like many others one looses touch with those who we passed out with, and are saddened when you get such news.
Have a safe journey across the bar Bob

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David Ditcher


I first met Bob in 1960 when we both Joined HMS Diamond as ABs. We became the best of oppos and he applied to change branches just after me . I was on course when he was given the job of looking after the goat . He used to give the goat a hot wash with Persil and stand it in the cold in the hope that it would catch cold and die.


Bill Jarvis
Bob was the DNPM Plymouth when I joined Drake from RNRS in 1973. At the time Drake was being modernised and, prior to demolishing the old sick bay, all the furniture was piled up ready for burning. Bob was horrified about this so he organised all the provost staff to lift and shift all the good stuff, some of which dated back to when the barracks were built in the 1890s, and move it into the cell block underneath the clock tower. Half a dozen cells were used to store the furniture. Every Friday for the next several months Bob would lash a desk or some other item of furniture to the roof of his Citroen 2CV and cart it home to Somerset. I think he opened an antique shop eventually! He was my first Boss in the branch and I learned much from him. (About being a Reggie, not about furniture)