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Name Date Crossed the Bar RBA Member Lest we for get an oppo
BARNES-MURFIN Michael 11 January 08
Slim Murfin
Name Memories
David Addis
Slim was in one of the course that I took through the Reg School, he seemed to be the quiet one of the class but this did not detract from his efforts and results. A nice man to know
Roger Newland - Kent Police(Retired) Having worked in the Medway Towns from the late 60's until the closure of Pembroke, I frequently worked and, more often, socialised with the RNP. I first met 'Slim' when he wasn't that. Twenty years on from the closure of Pembroke, I was back working with him in the Kent Police, Force Communications Centre. A well respected Radio Resourcer, trusted by his patrols. He carried on to the end. An inspiration to his younger colleagues

Caren Williamson (nee Barnes-Murfin) Though Caren said she did not wish to add to this page I could not resist putting the information from a email we have had from her.

I wanted to get in touch and say I had just
found the "Crossing of the bar" memories for my Dad, Michael Barnes-Murfin. (aka Slim) and just that I hadn't known it was there and it was lovely to find. I thought that the membership would like to have a look at some You Tube videos of a Challenge Anneka programme that you will see a few shots of Dad.

Challenge Anneka - Slim












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