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2nd Sep 2012


Memories of Wendy Precious


Moizee Fisher

Wendy was not only “precious” she was special – creative, funny and excellent company.
Those daunting weeks at the Reg School with all eyes on us- the four new LWREN Regs – her humour and talented drawing skills and her knowledge too made some of the training days a bit easier to bear!
I particularly recall the tasks set for our presentation – I did an horrendous effort of talking about EGGS – Wendy expertly displayed cartoon drawings done by her own hand and enlightened us about the world of SNOOPY and Schultz. We all saw a new side to her that proved how talented she was.
During the Silver Jubilee of 1977 our time spent patrolling the streets of Pompey were never dull when Wendy was on watch. Laughter as well as her professionalism shone through.
We sadly lost touch as one often did the way things worked out, but I know that without her encouragement and assistance in those early weeks on that course I would not have got through it without her help.
To lose any friend is sad – to lose one taken away so young hurts even more.
Wendy sadly you leave us but you will not be forgotten RIP
Moira Fisher (nee Jones ) ex Chief Wren Reg BEM