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David Addis

On the 2nd September 1958 I reported to Charring Cross RN Recruiting Office with others from the Areathusa. We were all ushered in to a large room where I came across a tall Londoner who said his name was Roy. After going through the coughing routine with the Medics and the rest we were then all ushered out into Charring Cross Road and clearly remember Roy causing mayhem amongst the passers by, so off were trundled to the railway station and onto the train for Ipswich and Shotley and through the gates of the Annex, during the time there I have memories of some sort of uprising within 16 Recruitment and us not wanting to conform to something or the other which resulted in Roy being earmarked as a ringleader, which I do not believe he was, but the powers to be singled him out and he ended up in the cell at Ganges main gate. The next thing I remember was that Roy had been given a pier head jump to St Vincent, and that is the last I heard about him until he joined the Branch, he still had that crafty, smiling look about him, and remember a story of him owning a Antiques shop in Southsea and some how gaining a Rolls Royce in one of his trading deals, maybe other can add to this.
I always remember Roy with fondness and a was very sorry to hear of his Crossing the Bar.