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22 Aug 1988



Alan Shields

Memories of Alan Shields


David Addis

It is believed that Alan when he finished his RN Career he transferred to the Recruiting Service. His last posting was to Northern Ireland. Regrettably a booby trapped bomb was placed on Alan's car and as he was traveling home along Middlepath Street Belfast the bomb exploded. His untimely death at the age of 45, Alan was the only RN Officer to be killed during the troubles in Northern Ireland


Bill Jarvis

I served with Alan when he was was the Jaunty of HMS ROOKE in 1975. The MAA of ROOKE enjoyed high status and he had a house halfway up the Rock with views right across the Straits to Morocco. He also had a good view of the main gate and Reg office of Rooke and, unknown to us, he had a telescope so, like any good Jaunty, he knew about everything that happened in and around Rooke, even when he wasn’t there. It took a while before we discovered his secret but we later had some great hoolies at his house. Happy days.

Chris McCulloch

I also served with Alan in HMS Rooke. I well remember the hoolies we had in his house.
My daughter used to babysit for his young lad.
Good days.
May you rest in peace, Alan.
Chris McCulloch