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27th Dec 2014



Peter Smeeton

Memories of Peter Smeeton


David Addis

I did not sever with Peter, but knew of him, its such a shame when those who you knew are no longer with us. I am sure there will be other who did serve with Peter, and hope they will send their memories.


Phil Le Houx


Pete and I served together as RPO's in Collingwood in 68/69.  We were both awaiting promotion to MAA. I remember that  Pete was promoted within a few weeks of his retirement.  As I remember, he never served as a MAA,  but got the MAA retirement pension.
I have not had any contact  for over 40 years.
But, I do remember this:-  Around 100 of those guys that wore buttons and lived in the Chief's mess were on stand-by to be sent to London to assist in a docks strike.
I was the duty RPO on a Sunday afternoon, leave for these guy had been cancelled.  Most of them married and lived ashore locally. They were not happy.
A signal arrived and I was contacted by the Commander to organise, to get them together for a talk and then transport  them to London.
The transport side was easy to put into practise.  BUT,  these senior rates, had been drinking in the mess at lunchtime, were surly and somewhat mutinous.
I telephoned Pete, who lived locally and asked if he would  "give me a hand".  Together, we mustered these guys, fell them in and got them into coaches etc.
The Commander was chuffed.
Pete was a good  "oppo"