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Darby Allon

Memories of Wilf Westlake


David Addis

I remember Wilf from Lyons Block Whale Island he was in the course befor me in 1963, we also served in Singapore at the same time, and during my time at FOST Wilf was at the Patrol HQ and as staff at the Sailing Centre, I always found Wilf to be a nice considerate man.
Sad that he has crossed the bar

Fred Coates

I have been best friends with Wilf for more than 50 years.

We first met when we were in the Naval Patol on Portland, before working together in Singapore for three years from 1965-68 -me in the fleet mail office and Wilf again in the Patrol HQ.

It was in Singapore that Mr Westlake met his future wife Joan, who passed away a few years ago.

We both worked on different ships at different times out of Portland, after moving back and in the 70s they worked at Boscawen Sailing Centre together.

There wasn't a week in the last ten years that we hadn't seen each other and had always kept in touch.

He was just a nice, genuine sort of bloke and he was a good mate.

He'd do anything for you. He was a genuine sort of person.

Michael Brown

I met Wilf when I had my first draft as a reggie to Portland Provost on leaving the school. He was always a happy fellow when he came into the unit, which was then located opposite the Greasy Spoon Fish and Chip Shop. He was a great chap and on leaving the service was a great help to the Roman Catholic Community on being ordained a Deacon. Wilf was not a member of the Association, but as he Crosses the Bar, I pray he meets up with our fellow Reggies waiting for us.

May you rest in peace and rise with Christ in glory.

Fr Michael

David Edgar
My abiding memory of Wilf was when on the Ark Royal 72 - 74 we called in to Barcelona.

Wilf and I went ashore and we got trapped by a local woman in a bar who took us back to her place for 2s up.

Days later I reported to the sickbay with a bubble, Wilf never got anything.

Rest in peace my old mate.

Fez Weatherstone


I served with Wilf on the old Ark and in Osprey reg office, On the Ark it was a done thing that when the squadrons completed so many landings or take offs they were presented with a cake specially made by the chefs on board and it was published in daily orders,Wilf thought he was entitled to a cake because he clocked up a thousand charges in the daily record this did not go down very well with the Fleet Joss (George Pullen) for obvious reasons But Wilf got his unpublished cake the chefs iced a margarine box and Wilf was presented with it in the mess he ate all the icing.a gentleman missed see ya Wlf