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Name Date Crossed the Bar RBA Member Lest we forget an oppo
12 Sep
Eddie Widnall
Name Memories
David Addis
I will remember Eddie with much fondness for his friendship and support
Willie Dick I first met Eddie in 1978 when he was the senior Instructor at the Reg School and at subsequent visits to the School we became friends when he had retired and lived in Scotland with his then partner when he moved back south our friendship continued and he became the partner and later the husband of my sister in law as part of the family we spent many good times together however for the last two years his health has not been good I collected his Newspaper every morning he was mostly cheerful but also had bad days his sense of humour was with him to the end RIP Eddie 
Your Brother in law and mate
Steven Robertson I have known Eddie for many years as family member, from the association and professionally whilst he was employed as the CCTV manager in Portsmouth, I didn’t get to serve with him in the branch as sadly he had left before I transferred in.  He didn’t have an easy time of it over the last few years but managed to keep his unique sense of humour until the last.  He will be sadly missed by all who knew him but always remembered with warm affection.
Colin Gent Eddie was a first class Regulator, instructor and stalwart of the Association. Highly respected and a very genuine man. He will be sadly missed by many.
Michael Brown I struggle with this news, Eddie was the Senior Instructor when I went through the School. He was and is a Gentleman. It hurts that he is gone, I will miss him very much.
David Lodrick Eddie Widnall will always be remembered as a true gentlemen, a thoroughly professional, universally respected man who was noted for fairness and firmness.
Any man who may be asked what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with pride and satisfaction: I served in the Royal Navy.
Despite his prolonged illnesses, there was no quitting. He did not have quit in him. There was never an option to stop and quit.
That was Eddie. An example to us all.
He will be missed by family and friends.
Bob Lawrence Eddie was my instructor for my Senior Regulators Course, a very good friend at the association, I know he will be sadly missed by all
Bob Hookway Great man Eddie RIP
Mark Bardsley Eddie, a top man who will be sadly missed
Kevin Chow A Gentleman in the true sense of the word
Alex Sharp Was a pleasure, honour and a privilege to be taught by you as a New Entry into the branch.
Steven Robertson Eddie, you will be missed.
David Gill Pleasure to have known you.

Des Briggs A very sad loss for all
Tom Rees Eddie gave me friendship and a lot of guidance in my tenure of the RBA
Tony Coles A sad loss indeed
David Cox A real Gentleman
Ian Edgerton Eddie you helped me out many times I am eternally gratefull
Eon Matthews One of my bosses a true gentleman
John Stanbrook My instructor on my LREG qualifying course. A true gent
Taff Spears It was a pleasure knowing you
Bob Hedges One of the branches best.
Ray Isted Eddie it was a pleasure to have known you.
Paul Blake A gentleman, enjoyed my time on his staff at the RNRS
Stephen Phillip Robertson A fine fine example for all of us baby LRegs whilst on course
Philip Shaprio A colleague , a friend and a respected regulator
Bob Bloomfield A highly respected senior Regulator whom I had the pleasure to serve with.
Keith Shapiro Lovely man
Viv Gale Great instructor
Peter Bayliss He was a really nice guy. He was on my staff at the school. He had a great sense of humour.
Phillip Ward Had the privilege of serving with Eddie at Daedalus. A true gentleman and first class WOMAA and was inspirational in my development in the Regulating Branch. Thank You Eddie Phil Ward Ex WOMAA





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