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WILSON James (Jim)

23 May 14



Jim Wilson

Memories of James Wilson


David Addis

Another good man to have served with, in the early 70's I was in HMS Excellent Reg Office, when Jim was an Instructor in the School (the one on the foreshore), I was then drafted to the School as an Instructor, I always remember him to be a smart and well turned out RPO, and always ready to offer good and sound advice. He was a friend of David Howels both coming from London area, there was always some banter about how well West Ham were doing, Jim being a supporter and David Howel's singing the praises of Arsenal. I have some distant memories that Jim was drafted to a Leander as the Master at Arms. but not too sure which one.
I hope that there may be some ex students of Jim who will be able to add their memories also.
It is so sad to have welcomed Jim, when he joined the Association a few years back, now to be entering him name in our Roll of Honour is a sad duty.
RIP Jim it was good to have known you.

Derek Lawrence Derek Lawrence


I first met Jim Wilson at the a Patrol Headquarters Portsmouth. In those days there were at least thirty Leading Patrolmen (now Leading a Regulators) on the Staff.
Jim was a great sportsman always willing to take part in any sport or activity representing the HQ's.
He had a terrific sense of humour and was an excellent team player in every respect, especially in a ' bundle/ punch up'.
We also served together at The Royal Naval Regulating School where we were both Instructors. We had a running rivalry over the course average marks scored by our students.
I can see him now always immaculately dressed both in uniform and otherwise.
Jim lived in the Mess but would often pop in the Whale Island Regulating Office when I was the Duty Regulating Petty Officer and we would have a laugh and joke about life.
Jim also served in The Fleet Mail Office in Singapore where he worked in the Registered Mail Cage. He always spoke very highly of Bob Hopson-Hill the FMO. It was a job I always considered to be among the very best in The Regulating Branch.
Jim was a credit to the Branch and was very well respected as the Master at Arms of HMS Juno.
Throughout all of this and since he was loved and fully supported by his wife LIZ and their children.


Phil Le Houx Phil Le Houx
Myself, Jim, Brian Williams and Derek Lawrence were all instructors at the old Regulating school, 1969/70. Donkey Bray was the school Jaunty and Hopson Hill was the training officer. Brian and I were promoted to MAA, during that time and Derek went on to become a Lieutenant SDREG
JIM was a real nice guy