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Name Date Crossed the Bar RBA Member Lest we for get an oppo
July 16
JJ Winchester
Name Memories
David Addis
I have some memories of JJ mainly as a young Leading Reg and then as an SD Reg, I always found him to be a realy nice man
Phil Shapiro Very nice man
David Roberts I served with him on Pompey SIS, a very pleasant man and a great character
Bob Shirley Dear oh dear, how sad. I had some funny experiences more or less from the day I first joined the mob and as my service continued the more bizarre, ridiculous and funny they became until It got so bad I no longer could take it seriously. Then I met JJ as a young L/Reg and then I lost it completly. Quite often we used to serve and meet up together and we just couldn't stop laughing, unlike me he advanced up the greasy pole but that did'n't make any difference. After I was disrated I met him aboard Intrepid and even then we both collapsed in hysterics much to the displeasure of the Fleet Jaunty. I remember taking him home once and my ribs aching with mirth as he left. The last time I served with him was in Nelson barracks when he was RSO and I was about to go outside, Reg Self was my DO at the time and he was something else. The laughs JJ and I had over that guy. I remember a Jaunty saying to me " you should call him sir you know" I replied, " I couldn't if I tried ". It was disconcerting to read about him in the media when I was ensconced with the lawyers in Lincoln's Inn who obviously took a great interest, after all that's what they do. The Navy's history is full of sailors both junior and senior that have fallen foul of the system and had the misfortune to suffer the consequential penalties involved. Look at Admiral Byng, they shot him.

RIP old son, a man I could really call a friend Town clerk of Dawlish was he?, I wish I had known that as I go through there quite often. I would not have hesitated to have called in and led him astray. He had the breaking strain of a cadbury's flake and I now regret the wonderful opportunity, sadly missed.

I hope that when I go my final anchorage is nex't to his as I feel I will need protection
David Gill JJ I suspect you are livening them up now wherever you are
Alexander McBride Sorry to hear of the passing of J.J. Winchester I had the pleasure of meeting and having a few runs ashore with him when he was DPM at Adam and Eve Mews always found him a pleasant guy












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