The Memorial Paviour Appeal how we arrived at our dedication and blessing  8th October 2017 - By David Addis

In November 2012 Peter Davis suggested to the Committee that we might consider some form of memorial to those who had crossed the Bar.

In 2013 I had received from Roger Culverhouse photos for the Gallery of the Poppy Cross he placed each year at the tablet that contained Brian Welch’s name when he attended the NMA with his Fire Brigade friends. It’s is good that Roger and Val can be with us today

At the June 2013 Committee Meeting I made a proposal that the Association with the RN Police launch an appeal for a memorial at the NMA, this was supported.

I, Peter Davis and Steven Robertson, the subcommittee, proceeded with the project.

At the meeting Committee had a whip round and we started the appeal off with £150.00

At our November 2013 Committee Meeting Kate Widnall the Treasurer reported that she had received a donation of £300 from an anonymous donor, I think I can say now that donation came from the family of Jim Cunningham who had at that time recently CTB

At that time the NMA announced they were developing a Heroes area with York Stone Paviours that have crests engraved on them, it was agreed that this would be a fitting memorial for the Regulating Branch and Royal Navy Police.

And the monies kept coming in, the RN Police held a get together, Craig Moran and his tribute to the Rolling Stones group supported the social evening in Nelson as a result £1000 was added to the appeal, the monies came from all the RN Police HQ’s not just Portsmouth

As we neared out goal, we needed a further £250, I could not believe a donation to that amount came in, from one of our members who had already donated a considerable sum; when I rang him and asked if there was an mistake, he told me that he had a good year from the sales of his lambs on his small holding, his wife said if that’s what you would like to do, then do so, the £250 then landed in the appeals bank account.

An unbelievable 7 months after we launched the appeal we reached our goal, and Peter Davis presented the National Memorial Arboretum with a cheque for £3000 to cover the cost of the brilliant York Stone Paviour you see today

We now, both the  Regulating Branch and Royal Navy Police have a place of importance at the Nations Memorial of Remembrance; to our friends and colleagues who are no longer with us, for which we should be rightly proud of.
David Addis



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