PETER DAVID - Global Combat Ship (GCS) Tpe 26 Frigate

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PETER DAVID - Global Combat Ship (GCS) Tpe 26 Frigate

Post by David Addis » Sun Aug 09, 2015 3:04 pm

I came across this when researching articles for the July edition of the Hearsay Herald. Makes for an interesting read.

[i:21m5plr5]On 24 February 2010, during a speech at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the First Sea Lord Sir Mark Stanhope, referred to the Future Surface Combatant (FSC) as the Type 26 frigate. The Global Combat Ship (GCS) is a ship design and construction programme currently under way by the MoD. It will replace the thirteen Type 23 Frigates. The programme has been in development since 1998, initially under the designation; Future Surface Combatant (FSC)

The Type 26 combines advantages of previous variants into a single versatile ship, designed to readily change roles and capabilities depending on the strategic circumstances. As part of the review it was also announced that the remaining Type 22 frigates would be decommissioned without replacement within 6 months of the review. This leaves the Royal Navy's escort fleet at 19 destroyers and frigates (6 Type 45 destroyers and 13 Type 23 frigates). Global Combat Ship is designed with modularity and flexibility in mind to enhance versatility across the full range of operations, including maritime security, counter piracy, counter terrorist and humanitarian and disaster relief operations.

The new design is understood to be 149m (489 ft) long, a top speed of more than 26 knots and will have accommodation for up to 200 people.
The expectations are that it will have 60 days endurance and have a range of 7,000 miles (11,265 km) at 15 knots. The first vessel is due to enter service with the Royal Navy sometime during 2021 and by the mid-2030s the Type 26 will be the backbone and workhorses of the Royal Navy.

There is a campaign to name one of the ships HMS Plymouth, although Royal Navy ship names are formed via the Ships’ Names and Badges Committee

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